Extra Features

An installation with three film sets and a film recording at Galleri Rotor in Göteborg, Sweden, 2005. Non stop during opening hours for one week.

The gallery space was used as a film studio where three sets were built up:

The Red set: red carpet (5x5m), red curtains (5x3m).

The Hunter set: mahogny stained woodpanel (4,5x5m), bluestained imitation parquet flooring (3x5m), elk- and deerantlers, treebranches.

The Colonial set: mustard yellow wall (5x4m), black carpet (5x3,5m), oriental carpet (2,5x3m), stuffed animals; an elkhead, a fox, a badger, an owl, a hare, a marten and a bear.

During a one-week exhibition I was working as a director with a team of 18 people; actors, photographers, sound- and make-up crew in front of the gallery audience. During the opening hours of the exhibition, the cameras were recording non-stop and everybody were filmed ; the actors, the crew, the audience and the director.