The Vessel

An installation with performance and sound at The Swedish Cultural Institute in Paris, 2010

A: A performance at theĀ opening on the 8th of September 2010; Arrival and installing of The Vessel.
B: Two objects; a vessel and a ramp, a script and sound (12 min).

The Vessel is a vessel that collects restlessness, anxiety, longing and dejection. Within The Vessel a character is traveling, totally clumsy and speechless in front of the huge machinery of violence pervading the situations it is witnessing. The character is dominated by anxiety and the incorruptible resistance that is the driving force of those who in silence are struggling for a change within themselves and in relation to the world. The character is a body and a system of thoughts. It is experiencing that the fundament upon which it has been resting begins to crack and it cannot see where it next will be able to get foothold. Despite the fear and dejection it decides to expose itself to situations it cannot control. By putting itself in motion it desperately tries to find a way out of its dejected state of mind.


Download the script

A collaboration with Patrik Bengtsson.
With support from IASPIS.