Five and a half Days for Extraordinary Thinking

Performance at Atalante, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2007. 45 min.

During four months I was working with two groups of youngsters at the age of 15–20 years. Taking off from mythological and allegorical characters, fables, fairy tales and activities such as hunting, fencing and martial arts a visual story about The Eight Allegorical Kings and Queens, The Dancing Army, The Unavoidable Grief and The Big Adventure took form. The preformance was performed in a theatre, simultaneously projected on three framed screens in the foyer of the theatre.


  • Written and directed by
  • Katarina Nitsch
  • Assistant director
  • Rebecka Cardoso
  • Costume design
  • Jennie Olsson
  • Music
  • Patrik Bengtsson
  • Make-up /La Famiglia
  • Sarah Watkins
  • Make-up /The Dancing Army
  • Kerstin Persson
  • Diana de Aguinaga
  • Light
  • Viktor Wendin
  • Film photography
  • Gabriela Pichler
  • Maja Kekonius
  • Patrik Johansson
  • Still photography
  • Frida Franker


  • Cast
  • La Famiglia; The Kings and Queens
  • Alexander Antonsen
  • Angelina Eklund
  • Sandra Funemo
  • Olivia Knaller
  • Cristian Monsalve
  • Daniella Pecánac
  • Renaz Redha
  • Ingela Wallenius
  • The Dancing Army
  • Carin Carlström
  • Erica Dyrbäck
  • Anette Karphammar
  • Jenny Linnarsson
  • Johanna Linnarsson
  • Josefin Lövmark
  • Erika Premberg
  • Joanna Svensson
  • Emma Thorup
  • Alexandra Ungesson
  • Angelica Wannerskog

Sponsors: Atalante, Stiftelsen Framtidens Kultur