Old Issues New Glories

Four interventions and sets for a film in four communities in Sweden, February–May, 2008. Length of film 48 min.

The idea of an ancient Greek drama sets the framework for this Odyssey. A team of one director, five photographers and two composers goes for a journey through the West Region of Sweden. They end up at four locations, meeting four groups of people; militaries at a military base giving directions, youngsters at a bus terminal drifting away, retired factory workers gathering for a grand banquette in the abandoned factory and culture workers rolling out red ribbons over a square. The sets each create one chapter in the film. The gazes of the cameras are navigating through the structures of different sites, each carrying promises of ideals now falling and fading, transforming into a new order.


  • Written and directed by
  • Katarina Nitsch
  • Assistant Director
  • Maja Kekonius
  • Producer
  • Katarina Nitsch
  • Production Manager
  • Mirja Hildbrand
  • Photography
  • Sanna Karacsony
  • Maja Kekonius
  • Emelie Lindblom,
  • Katarina Nitsch
  • Gabriela Pichler
  • Tobias Åkesson


  • Still photography
  • Dorota Lukianska
  • Music and sound
  • Thomas Frank
  • Thomas Jansson
  • Editing
  • Maja Kekonius
  • Katarina Nitsch

Sponsors: Konstnärsnämnden, Västra Götalandsregionen, Göteborgs Stad, Mölndals Stad, Karlsborgs kommun, Bengtsfors kommun