The New Horizon

The ship has left port, navigating into uncharted waters. Something may have begun to settle. New questions have emerged. We wandered in circles, met with a powerful animal and where set in trance, heard choirs singing and voices speak, saw the signs, read the text, met a familiar figure that we had never seen before. On the floor above the computers are working to build mountains of gold. In their basement we see another mountain rise on the horizon. Who is that figure, who are we talking to, who is talking to us, what do you want from us?

Shall follow the rhythm... is an experiment, an adventure and an investigation on the logic of how a shared space becomes a space that is expanding. We were given a place, a space and we chose to invite to this space to in this way create even more space. Here you go; a space, an area to inhabit, thank you we responded and immediately invited so many that the ship should have capsized a long time ago. Instead something rather striking happened; the surface became three dimensional, four-dimensional, and even more than that, it continues to expand in a most remarkable way.

There was a letter that we could not decipher. We turned to those we knew we could trust; those completely irrational, contradictory, unruly and slow, those that with intuitive thoughtfulness could lead us onward.
Now we are looking out over the new horizon.

P & K
Gothenburg, January 2010